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HEDLINE: The College Board partners with Khan Academy to offer free SAT Prep


Along with the announcement of the new SAT that will be implemented in 2016 by the College Board comes a partnership with Khan Academy to provide free, top quality SAT preparation for everyone.

The new SAT aims to offer greater access opportunities by making the test more relevant and get more students from low-income families to take the SAT.

Key Takeaway

Besides content changes like less focus on obscure vocabulary, the new SAT will go back to a 1600 points scale and writing will be optional.

Low-income students score an average of 300 points below high-income peers who have access to better preparation.

Khan Academy’s founder Salman Khan wrote on the non-profit’s blog

“Our goal is nothing short of leveling the playing field, and we intend, with the deep expertise of the College Board behind us, to make the very best preparation for the SAT. This will be far more than just videos; it will be sophisticated, interactive software to give students deep practice and diagnose their gaps.”

According to Forbes the SAT test prep market in the United States is estimated between $1 to $4 billion USD including informal tutoring, group and online classes, books, and mobile apps. The resources provided by Khan Academy and the College Board will entirely be free of charge.

“This means that for the first time ever, all students who want to go to college can prepare for the SAT at their own pace, at absolutely no cost. Unlike other test prep, the resources on Khan Academy will be developed through a close collaboration with the authors of the SAT themselves.”

Students will have access to the new dedicated SAT prep site at Khan Academy starting in spring 2015.


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