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HEDLINE: Cengage Learning opens Innovation Hub in San Francisco

Fresh out of bankruptcy, Cengage Learning opened a new Innovation Hub in San Francisco. The opening comes only two weeks after Cengage relocated its HQ to Boston.

The move to Boston and opening of the Innovation Hub are part of Cengage’s new strategy to emphasize the company’s efforts on the research and development of digital learning products in K-12 and higher education and to become a global edtech leader.

Key Takeaway

In an interview with Inside Higher Ed, Cengage Learning CEO Michael Hansen stated that the company is now “much closer to a software company than a traditional publisher”. According to the operating plan, Cengage aims to almost double its share of active digital users to 4.8 million by the 2018 fiscal year.

The move of the company’s HQ from the NYC-Metro area to Boston is based on the city’s growing role in the education technology scene. According to Cengage

“The city offers the nation’s strongest network of colleges and universities in addition to a vibrant startup culture and strong network of investors interested in EdTech, making it an ideal backdrop for Cengage Learning.”

Cengage will employ around 500 people in its new HQ, adding 50 new positions by the end of the year.

Whereas the new company HQ is now embedded in an ecosystem that will give the company access to opinion, feedback and innovation from teachers and students as well as edtech startups, Cengage Learning’s new Innovation Hub is targeting technical talent. Located in the Mission Bay area, Cengage Learning aims to attract

“the best and brightest technical and business talent that the Bay Area has to offer.”

The new office will host 250 employees and Cengage is now actively looking to hire in the areas of IT, software engineering, product management, product marketing, business development and more. The company also plans to play an active role in the local edtech scene.

Of course, this move also means that edtech startups in the city will now have to fight for talent with a much bigger, much better funded player. Even if Cengage sees itself as a part of the community, the opening of the Innovation Hub might put some additional pressure on edtech startup founders who now need to either offer better perks to recruit or retain technical and business talent.

Update: Josef Blumenfeld, Cengage Learning’s SVP, Corporate Affair shared a short video about the new Innovation Hub on Twitter which you can watch below.


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