California Senate Bill use of student data

HEDLINE: California Senate Bill to limit use of Student Data


Senator Darrell Steinberg plans to introduce state legislation in California that would limit the use of student data by edtech providers and also force them to use encryption as well as deleting all data after a student graduates or leaves the school.

Senator Steinberg doesn’t want to limit the legitimate use of student data by schools or teachers but wants to make sure that “the information you gather from students should be used for their educational benefit and for nothing else” he told the New York Times in an interview.

The market for student data related products from prekindergarten to 12th grade is estimated at around $8 billion.

Key Takeaway

A growing group of lawmakers and children advocates believe that the current laws and regulations did not keep up with realities in schools and the rapid growth and adoption of education technology in the past years.

Rather than trying to enforce new procedures in schools the bill aims to regulate bad industry practices like selling student data to third parties or advertisers. The data collected often contains sensitive information like the home address, income of the parents, food preferences and allergies.

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