Grockit and CourseRank now connect frictionless to the Facebook Timeline


Facebook announced 60 apps that can now connect to the new Timeline during a press conference yesterday. Amongst those 60 apps covering everything from travelling to food and entertainment two are coming from the education space.

CourseRank which got acquired by textbook renter Chegg last year lets students rate and browse courses in order to make it easier to decide which one to take.

Grockit is a test prep platform offering personalized, adaptive learning with social elements.

Of course users can control if they want to share their activities on CourseRank and Grockit on their Facebook Timeline and there are also further options to select who can see the updates as well.

As this is just the launch we can be sure that other platforms will follow suit. There is of course concern that the new “lifecasting” where Facebook users share everything they do on the Internet will get overwhelming and annoying. The ticker on the right side hasn’t be well received by a large part of the Facebook audience as well.

Adding more noise to the platform would not make it easier to keep up with the really important things you want to know from your friends and family.

Kay Alexander is the co-founder and creative director of EDUKWEST. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook or Google+

  • RD

    60 new apps! Wow! That’s great news. CourseRank and Grockit
    apps sound interesting. I have to download Grockit and I think it will be
    helpful for my younger sister’s studies. I would like to know about all the 60
    apps. Where can I find them and where can I download them from?