griffin multidock

Griffin MultiDock lets you Store, Multi-Charge and Sync up to 30 iPads

griffin multidock

With iPads making their way in more and more classrooms worldwide, new challenges surface and may it be something relatively trivial like charging or syncing multiple iPads at the same time.

This might sound like a small issue but only at first glance because when you teach a class you want the technology to be ready, you want a painless process because your goal is teaching not struggling with infrastructure or technology. Same is true when you’re a principal, you want your teachers to teach and not to deal with the IT department.

Well, you might find it interesting to hear that Griffin put an accessory on the market that allows you to charge 10 iPads at the same time. Griffin MultiDock even gives you the possibility of chain-lock three of these units which enables you to charge and sync up to 30 iPads from one Mac at the same time. This is sufficient for even large classes but, of course, can also come in as handy for businesses.

IT administrators who usually work behind the curtains will immediately understand what a time saver Griffin MultiDock is for them. Instead of installing a new application on each single iPad, admins now can sync all of the iPads at once. Besides that, the towers are also an ideal storage unit and it keeps the iPads charged.

The only disadvantage comes at the end, and yes, you might have guessed it already: it’s not cheap. Each of these charging towers prices at $700 but if your school is equipped with iPads or strongly thinking about investing in them, it might be wise to plan on one or two of these devices in the overall budget. Your IT admin will love it!

Via: Engadget
Source: Griffin

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  • Prodtest51

    There are quite a few disadvantages to the Griffin dock:

    (1) It is not in any way secure.  The iPads in it can walk away.  iPads are worth locking up in something that has a serious lock.
    (2) Its slots are very small, making it cumbersome to use, especially if you have cases on your iPads.  We had to return the one we bought because our cases would not even fit.
    (3) It may be less expensive than some other sync systems, but the article is right.  Setting this up with one sync-dock per iPad can get very expensive in a school.  We are using a centralized syncing strategy that shares a sync device in a central location and puts charge carts and cabinets in each room.  There are a few of these.  The ones we use are from Datamation Systems.