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Google’s First Employee Craig Silverstein leaves to join Khan Academy

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According to Kara Swisher at AllThingsD Craig Silverstein who joined Google in 1998 as employee number 1 leaves the company to join the team at Khan Academy. Probably the biggest hire of Salman Khan so far but taking into consideration that Silverstein probably does not need to work to actually make money for quite a while already I am sure it was a steal.

Being involved in a lot of different projects on Google from building the original search engine to a mix of different responsibilities lately he will apparently work as developer on the Khan Academy.

From the description Swisher gives in her post Silverstein seems to be a jack of all trades, something a small startup with limited resources is always looking for. The experience and knowledge Silverstein will bring to the table should be critical for the Khan Academy in terms of building a scalable and stable Internet platform. Also insights in search algorithms will be useful to structure the growing library of videos and exercises.

There is no official update from the Khan Academy itself yet but Kara Swisher will update her post as soon as she gets more details. Larry Page already gave a statement through a spokesperson, wishing Silverstein all the best and thanking him for his contributions over the years.

As Swisher points out, for someone who worked there from basically the start giving a statement through a spokesperson is kind of a weak move from Page.

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  • I wish Craig Silverstein didn’t leave Google. Its sad that he left and joined Khan academy.