Google’s Acquisition of Divide could boost BYOD in Schools

Last week Google announced the acquisition of Divide, the company creates software solutions that enable companies to keep personal data separate from company data on mobile devices.

The Divide team will join Google’s Android team to work on new solutions integrated in the mobile OS. For existing customers of the company nothing will change for the time being.

Though Divide’s software is built for the enterprise market the technology would make a lot of sense in an educational setting. BYOD is still often a nightmare for tech administrators, Divide could change that.

According to the company’s website

“With Divide Manager, a cloud-based web console, IT can remotely enforce policies, oversee compliance and monitor how personal devices are being used. IT can use Divide Manager to push policies by group, restrict apps, set screenlock requirements, administer data wipes and view device inventory.“

Just a couple of weeks ago Yik Yak, an anonymous text messaging app, got itself into hot water because the app which is intended for a more mature audience had ended up on phones of high school students who used the app to bully other students or even post bomb threats. Yik Yak overcame the problem by setting up geo fences around schools.

With a software like Divide, school administrators could monitor each device in the school perimeter, disable social apps during class, enabling them during lunch break, lock screens during exams and so on.

As Google is pushing heavily into the education space with Chromebooks or new software offerings like Google Classroom, adding Divide or a specialized education version to the mix would make a lot of sense.

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