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In this interview I talked with Frédéric Tibout, Co-Founder of English Attack! a new learning platform that is focused on entertainment learning only. I met him personally after this year’s TechCrunch Paris event.

Frédéric and his Co-Founder Paul Maglione have both a track record in the entertainment industry for years and worked for top companies like Activision Blizzard, CNN and Apple. English Attack! is targeting learners of English that already have a foundation in the language, are between 15 and 35 years of age and have no interest in a classic curriculum based learning environment.

On English Attack! they will learn with interactive exercises, movie clips and music videos. There will be a community and later on premium features. During the interview Frédéric gives us an exclusive preview of the website and its different features and functions.

Frédéric and Paul would like to get as much feedback as possible on the product, so if you are in the target group feel free to sign up for the beta. English Attack! is also open for investors, so feel free to get in touch.


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Frédéric on Twitter: @FredTibout
Paul on Twitter: @PaulMaglione

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