First Screenshots of the upcoming Khan Academy iPad App

John Resig, the Dean of Open Source and head of JavaScript development at Khan Academy posted three screenshots of the upcoming iPad app not on Facebook, not on Twitter but on Google+.

The screenshots which are considered as being “very alpha” show a nice and clean interface with the video in the top right, navigation on the left and the transcript underneath the video. The initial 1.0 release will feature video navigation, video viewing, interactive transcripts and offline support. Exercises will be released in the next version.

An Android version is also on the road map as well as a version for the iPhone / iPod Touch. For developers, the entire source code of the application is available on Github.

Pictures: by John Resig of Khan Academy

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  • Aeroboogie

    Would it be possible to have te subtitle selection on all the videos that have them?
    Unfortunately the iPad youtube player does not display subtitles, and neither the Saari mobile browser that’s built into the iPad… This would make my translators work worthwhile….

  • Phoenix Kiula

    When is this out?