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ENT: 8 New Stanford Courses, Slower Internet on Campus, Classroom Observation & more

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Ed News Ticker for December 1st 2011

Stanford expands free, online information technology course offerings

After the huge success of Stanford’s tuition free online courses on Artificial Intelligence, Data Bases and Machine Learning the university is planning to extend its offer to 8 more courses including

Software as a Service,Computer Science 101Machine LearningCryptographyNatural Language ProcessingHuman Computer InteractionDesign and Analysis of Algorithms I, and Probabilistic Graphic Models

Source: ZDNet

UAA Slows Down Internet to Combat Piracy

As reaction to raising numbers of complaints from legal rights holders the UAA is going to slow down the Internet in the campus dorm rooms to 2mb/s. According to the UAA this is enough to do the necessary work online but too slow to illegally download videos and music.

Source: KTUU

Google+ Now Lets You Conference People Into Hangouts With Free Voice Calls

Google+ users in the US can now add participants via telephone to  Google Hangout.

To activate the feature, simply start a Hangout, click the Invite button at the top, select “Phone”, and enter a phone number. If the recipient picks up, they’ll be instantly connected. The free offer is supposed to last through 2012. There’s no support for international calling, but Google recommends you use Google Voice for that.

Source: TechCrunch

App Takes Classroom Observation to Tablets

GoKnow Mobile Learning, in collaboration with the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP), has released GoObserve, a classroom observation and walkthrough app for Android tablets and the iPad.

Source: theJOURNAL

Digital Learning Enrollment Triples: U.S. Department of Education

55 percent of 2,310 school districts had students enrolled in online courses, ninety-six percent of which were given at the high school level.

Source: Huffington Post

Can Online Portals Transform Hebrew Schools?

In January, Behrman House, the leading publisher of textbooks for the Hebrew school market, will roll out its Online Learning Center, a platform […] offering digital access to its library of lesson plans, games, articles and textbooks.

Source: The Jewish Week

Startup of the Week: Zoomingo

Krishnan Seshadrinathan and Shirish Nadkarni, co-founders of the language learning site LiveMocha raised $1.3 million and launched a new startup in October. Zoomingo is a shopping discovery app for iPhones and Android phones.

Source: TechFlash

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