English Attack! Teacher Pass

English Attack! launches Teachers and Institutions Platform

English Attack! Teacher Pass

I met with Paul Maglione, co-founder of English Attack! for “café et tarte” in Paris back in November. We talked about virtual currencies and how edutainment is becoming more popular among educators and companies as a way to teach English. Back then Paul gave me a glimpse on their platform for teachers and schools already.

Today, English Attack! officially announced their new platform for independent English teachers, schools and companies. It provides educators with a set of different features like creating classes and assigning students, performance tracking and on site communication via personal messages or a class wide message board.

For independent ESL teachers the access to the platform costs between $12 and $20 per month, depending on the plan the teacher chooses. Along with the use of the teacher platform comes a personal invitation code which gives a 25% education discount to the students the teacher would like to invite to use English Attack! for their studies.

Schools, companies or other institutions interested in using English Attack! for ESL training can contact pro@english-attack.com for more information.

EDUKWEST got promo codes to give away which give ESL teachers a free 30 day access to the new platform. If you are interested in testing the platform and even invite your students to join you for the 30 days (also for free) subscribe to the EDUKWEST newsletter below.

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