EdTech 20

Edxus Group and IBIS Capital announce European EdTech 20 List

EdTech 20

Ever wondered who the top performing e-learning companies in Europe are? Edxus Group and IBIS Capital created EdTech 20, a list of twenty innovative and fast growing companies across Europe. The top three of the list are going to be announced next week at the Edtech Europe Summit, a one day event in London which we are going to cover here on EDUKWEST.

The EdTech 20 was judged by a panel of industry experts in terms of innovation, scale, market impact and revenue growth over the past year and includes familiar startups like Languagelab.com, Sofatutor and Mendeley which we have covered here on EDUKWEST over the past couple of years. The complete EdTech 20 list is available on the Edxus Group news section.

Interestingly, babbel.com and busuu, two very fast growing startups in terms of user adoption, are missing though as far as I understand you had to apply in order to be judged. Also, we are very aware of the fact that some startups and also more established e-learning companies are fairly reserved when it comes to sharing data and are willing to share growth data in order to be part of a top 20 list.

Edxus Group is planning to spend between $64 to $77 million over the next 18 months to acquire e-learning companies across Europe in order to create a “European education champion” that can compete with US based players in the market like Pearson, Blackboard, Macmillan, Kaplan and McGraw-Hill. Early stage startups are probably not on the radar as Edxus Group is looking at “companies with €2m to €10m turnover and with an established presence in the market” according to TechCrunch.

I am going to have a call with Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet, founder & CEO of Edxus Group and Charles McIntyre, founder & CEO IBIS Capital Ltd on Tuesday to talk about the EdTech 20 and Edxus Groups’ strategy for the coming months.

All in all, a pretty interesting development for the European e-learning market and I am already pretty curious what companies Edxus Group is going to acquire to build their European champion.

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