EDUKWEST Update #3 Chip Paucek 2tor

EDUKWEST Update #3 with Chip Paucek of 2tor

EDUKWEST Update #3 Chip Paucek 2torThis interview is an update to EDUKWEST #87 with 2tor’s co-founder and CMO Jeremy Johnson.

I had the chance for a quick talk with Chip Paucek, the company’s CEO and also one of the co-founders.

2tor made two big announcements recently. One of which is a new collaboration with UNC Chapel Hill bringing their Master of Public Administration online. This partnership makes it the 5th graduate program for the education startup,the program is named MPA@UNC.

The other subject of our talk is 2tor’s recently announced series D funding round of a whopping $26 million. Chip tells me that all former investors are on board for this round as well and explains why it costs a lot of money to bring these top-tier graduate programs online.

Finally, we get a clue that a 6th program will soon be announced from 2tor and of course, I had to ask about his opinion on the Minerva University project that people rave about for a few days now.


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