EDUKWEST Update #2 with Nathan Parcells of InternMatch

It’s back to school, and InternMatch had some big news to share with us on September which we of course covered here on EDUKWEST.

In this EDUKWEST Update Nathan Parcells, co-founder and CMO at InternMatch shares some more insights on the the reasons to raise some more funding, to expand nationwide and the opportunity for students and brands with the new community pages with us.

During the first part, we concentrate on discussing a bit why now was the right point to expand and go nationwide with all the certainly exciting but also challenging aspects of having to hire new people and also having the team separated on different coasts.

I then wanted to know how the idea of launching community pages that essentially allow brands to showcase their culture came about. Nathan speaks about two crucial point, in my opinion. One is the value of a great advisor to a startup, knowledgeable about a certain market. I believe, this part of the interview is particularly revealing for the founders in my audience. The other point is a topic I have gotten increasingly interested in and that is the cultural fit of a candidate when a company hires. To me, it seems that the community pages are going to be a help for both sides involved in that process, the colleges students on the one hand and the companies on the other hand.

It’s been once again an informative and honest talk with Nathan, and the EDUKWEST team genuinely appreciates the fact to get information beyond the press release that we are able to share with our audience.

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EDUKWEST Update #2 with Nathan Parcells of InternMatch

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