EDUKWEST Live London

EDUKWEST Live Event in London: Exploring the Booming Tutoring Landscape

We will host our first EDUKWEST Live event in London on January 22nd in partnership with Macmillan Digital Education. This is an exciting step for us and marks the beginning of a series of live events in different European cities throughout the year 2014.

Theme of the London event is tutoring. Tutoring, online and offline, is a thriving market both in the UK and worldwide. During the event EDUKWEST and Macmillan Digital Education want to explore this exciting vertical by sharing the latest research, best practices and discussing with education entrepreneurs how to transition tutoring into the digital age.

The evening will commence with a fireside chat. Conor Ryan of the Sutton Trust and Daniel Cohen, a freelance journalist and researcher will share the results of their research on the high demands in the UK market.

I will make a short presentation and talk about the opportunities and challenges in the global tutoring market, followed by a panel discussion with edtech startup founders who will share best practices with ample time being given for Q&A and discussion..

Matthias Ick, managing director of Macmillan Digital Education will close the event by giving his thoughts on the evolving tutoring space based on the experiences he made with building Tutoria and now leading Macmillan Digital Education.

After the formal part of the event there will be time to discuss ideas and share your experiences in the tutoring industry with our speakers and fellow attendees over drinks and nibbles.

Additional information about the event, the full programme including details on how to buy tickets and get to the venue can be found at

I would be happy to welcome you at our first EDUKWEST Live event and I hope you are able to join us. If can you think of other people in your network who might be interested in the private tutoring market, I would be grateful if you could pass this on to them.

See you in London!

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Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at