Online Educa 2012 Opening Plenary

EDUKWEST@OEB 2012 Take-Aways from the Opening Plenary

Online Educa 2012 Opening Plenary

This is Kirsten from Online Educa Berlin 2012.

I just attended the first panel at Online Educa this year. To give you a little bit of input of what Dr Mark David Milliron of WGU as well as Sir Michael Barber of Pearson UK just talked about:

For Western Govenors University the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement is very big, particularly for the lower income students, as well as gamification. His take is that play is serious and that we shall put even more attention to gamification and input from other areas of learning.

Sir Michael Barber was actually also very interesting as he spoke about the challenges for the classic university, new world and the devaluation of degrees. And he says that responsibility is key. So that every student has to take responsibility for his / her own learning. Which can mean that it’s not only the classic degrees anymore but your LinkedIn profile or other ways to show expertise like we are already seeing in the Silicon Valley today.

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