EDUKWEST Indiegogo

EDUKWEST and Indiegogo partner to foster Education Startups and Projects

EDUKWEST Indiegogo

The EDUKWEST team is excited to announce our new partnership with crowdfunding platform Indiegogo!

We are now Indiegogo’s official partner for the education space and want to help showcase great campaigns in education. In talks over the past couple of weeks EDUKWEST’s and Indiegogo’s teams have developed this idea of a partnership to give fundraisers with an educational target the exposure they deserve.

Besides their own campaign strategy, these campaigns will appear under the EDUKWEST partner page on Indiegogo. The teams that we pick will get an exclusive interview & blog post on EDUKWEST’s new show edugogo and we also share these campaigns with our audience through EDUKWEST’s various social media outlets.

Our aim is to promote education and the opportunities Indiegogo offers founders in the education space that go beyond ways of classic funding for projects.

We hope to make the campaigns chosen known to larger audience than they would have doing their fundraiser all by themselves.

We hope that you, the EDUKWEST community, will like this new partnership as much as we do and count on you for spreading the word about our educational campaigns. Of course, if you find one or the other campaign particularly appealing you can also become active yourself and help fund a campaign.

The other way to get involved is to let me or the other team members know about cool and exciting campaigns in education. We’ll happy to add them to our Indiegogo partner page, interview them and give them the exposure they need to meet their funding goals!

Everyone who wants to start an education related campaign via Indiegogo and get featured on the EDUKWEST partner page can use this link to create the campaign.

If you want to get more information about an educational campaign on Indiegogo in general or how to add your campaign, you can get in touch via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or reach out via our contact form.

Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at

  • Congrats Edukwest!  Excited to see what follows!!!!

    • If Edulang wants to try out crowdfunding, you know where to go :).

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be closely watching to see what kind of offers people make available. Congrats on putting this together. I am really glad to see a platform like this coming together. My heartfelt congratulations!

  • Cedric Sigoire

    Congratulations Kirsten! It is a great idea! I am very excited to see which future education giants you will recommend us 🙂