EDUKWEST 98 Vikas Pota GEMS Education

EDUKWEST #98 with Vikas Pota of GEMS Education

EDUKWEST 98 Vikas Pota GEMS EducationFor EDUKWEST episode 98 my guest on the program is Vikas Pota, Global Head of Corporate Affairs of GEMS Education and Chief Executive of the Varkey GEMS Foundation. Today he was awarded one of the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum.

GEMS Education is a private education company that runs GEMS K12 schools all over the world several of which in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Subject of our talk is the upcoming Education and Skills Forum that will take place in Dubai from March 15-17.

To me, Dubai and the whole region seems to establish itself as a hotspot for educational conferences, fairs and trade shows around e-learning.


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The online education market in the region is thriving; it is estimated that by 2016 its revenue will be of $560 million and the private school market in the UAE makes 65% of the overall schooling today.

The conference features some key people of the education industry one of which is Anant Agarwal of edX whom I had the pleasure to interview just recently for Today’s Campus Innovation Interview Series. As we see lots of innovation happening in the higher education space, it should be interesting whether this allows to draw some conclusions or explore a vision for further disruption of the K12 space.

The Varkey GEMS Foundation, however, a not-for-profit aims at improving education of underprivileged children through an innovative low-cost teacher training program.

As always, it’s a great challenge when so many different situations and needs converge as they do in education at the moment.
I enjoyed Vikas’ take on some of the aspects we touched on and hope the conference will be able to add one or the other interesting perspective or practical approach to solve some of the issues and challenges we’re faced with.

To get updates on the Education and Skills Forum use the Twitter hashtag #GESF to follow the conversation or to engage, i.e. tweet your questions. For the President Clinton live link to the conference via satellite there is a separate hashtag #askClinton

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