EDUKWEST #93 with Jenny Zhu of OpenLanguage

EDUKWEST 93 with Jenny Zhu of Open LanguageIn this episode of EDUKWEST I talk to Jenny Zhu, co-founder of OpenLanguage.

Many Chinese learners will know Jenny as host of the very successful ChinesePod podcast. In our interview Jenny tells the story of how she met the founders of ChinesePod when she came back to Shanghai after her studies, why she joined the startup and how it grew to over a million listeners.

After ChinesePod was sold earlier this year, Jenny and Hank Horkoff, one of the founders of ChinesePod, started working on their latest project, OpenLanguage.

OpenLanguage is a platform that brings together busy language learners and course creators through a brand new publishing system that enables learners to take immersive lessons on mobile devices.

Publishers from around the world, may they be independent language teachers or language schools, can sign up for a publisher account and create courses based on audio lessons, videos, text and interactive exercises. Language learners can simply subscribe via iOS or Android devices and learn at their own pace where-ever they are.


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  • Alex Taylor – TJ Taylor

    “enables learners to take immersive lessons on mobile devices” I took a double-take on reading that sentence!
    I haven’t had the time to watch the 30 min video, so maybe this point is explained there, but surely the strong point of mobile devices is that they are supplemental, a snack, on the spur of the moment or reference, in all regards the complete opposite of immersive lessons.
    How do you square this circle?
    Alex Taylor
    Founding partner in TJ Taylor

    • Well, immersive in the sense of getting you deeper into the learning material. Probably a bit of a confusing choice of words, I agree. What I wanted to say is that the new tablet (mobile) textbook makes the audio lessons more rich in terms of content and learning experience.