EDUKWEST #92 Tomea Mersmann Washington University School of Law

EDUKWEST #92 with Tomea Mersmann of Washington University School of Law

EDUKWEST #92 Tomea Mersmann Washington University School of LawThis week I had the pleasure to do an interview with Tomea Mersmann for EDUKWEST. She is an Associate Dean at the Washington University Law Faculty and one of the two Directors for their new, completely online LLM program for foreign lawyers. The program has been announced recently in a partnership with 2tor and is branded as @WashULaw.

As I am so immersed in the startup side of things, it was particularly interesting for me to get the Higher Education perspective on online learning / programs from someone who has spent her entire career at university.

Therefore my questions center around the initial motivation to decide and do a LLM program completely online, the benefits the faculties sees in doing so also not neglecting the challenges they and their partner for this program, 2tor, are faced with.

It is nice to see all the numerous and exciting initiatives that are taking off right now when Higher Ed or Academia itself are still frequently described as being somewhat backward oriented and inflexible.

If you’re also interested in learning more about what 2tor does, there are two interviews I did with Jeremy Johnson, 2tor’s CMO and Chip Paucek, 2tor’s CEO in the past months. Both talks focus on the company’s mission to change Higher Education in general as well as on of the specific programs in particular.


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