EDUKWEST #90 with Jay Chakrapani of McGraw-Hill Higher Education Digital Group

EDUKWEST #90 Jay Chakrapani McGraw-HillEDUKWEST has made it to 90 episodes! Not that I give those numbers too much importance, but I have been interviewing companies and people in the education start-up space for two and a half year now and episode 90 is therefore a little milestone on my way.

I sat down (virtually as most of the time) with Jay Chakrapani, the VP and general manager of McGraw-Hill Higher Education’s digital group.

It may be a little surprising as I mostly interview start-up people and what probably first comes to mind when thinking of McGraw-Hill is that they are one of the biggest education publishers – not really a start-up.

That’s what makes it even more interesting to me! Finding out in a talk how a traditional and established company makes the transition into a digital education company.

The first thing I ask Jay is to define adaptive learning and what it means to McGraw-Hill – beyond all the buzz it’s getting right now. I then ask about the work and importance of his digital division within the company’s overall strategy as currently they not very prominent when one visits their website.

The second part of our talk is dedicated to e-textbooks, still relatively high prices and the future. Does Jay see the future of McGraw-Hill’s e-textbooks on (other people’s) platforms or is it likely that at one point they’ll go for their own solution as I suggested for Pearson in an article on Big Think? Well, listen to his insightful answers and you might know a little more about McGraw-Hill beyond being the big publisher by the end of the EDUKWEST interview.

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