Shmuel Meitar Time To Know

EDUKWEST #89 with Shmuel Meitar of Time To Know

Shmuel Meitar Time To Know
Shmuel Meitar

For EDUKWEST episode 89 I had the privilege to learn more about Time To Know from its founder and education advocate Shmuel Meitar.

Time To Know was founded in 2004 by Shmuel Meitar as a philanthropic endeavor, investing $60 million of his own wealth into the startup according to TechCrunch. Today Time To Know offers a complete curriculum in math as well as language arts along with a digital platform for schools in K-12.

The holistic Time To Know way to teach has already been implemented in public schools in 150 classrooms in Israel and 120 classrooms in Texas and New York by the end of the 2010-2011 school year.

The objectives are to find a meaningful way to engage all three parties included in the teaching / learning process: teachers get deep knowledge about the individual performances of their students. Students get challenged according to their level and performance, so that they get positive feedback and are able to score better in assessments, but also develop a deeper understanding of concepts. Parents stay in regular contact with the class teacher and have an overview of their children’s learning curve at any time.

In our interview we also set the focus on the importance of leadership. Time To Know requests quite some commitment from the school district but also the individual schools in order to implement the curriculum and the technology platform as they are convinced that half-baked solutions of implementing technology into teaching eventually won’t result in student’s better performance.


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