EDUKWEST #84 with Henry Reich of Minute Physics

Henry Reich Minute Physics
Henry Reich

This week’s EDUKWEST interview is the recording of my conversation with Henry Reich about how to become successful with educational content on YouTube.

Henry is the creator of Minutephysics which is, not much surprise when you take the name, a channel about Physics that contains short videos answering all sorts of questions around the subject in approximately one minute each.

By the time we spoke, Minutephysics had more than 2 million uploaded video views and more than 40.000 subscribers.

Those are pretty big numbers, particularly compared to other Youtube channels with educational content and as Henry also works for another very big YouTube partner, Freddie Wong with his channel FreddieW, I was of course interested in hearing his thoughts on how to build your following on YouTube and how to get views on your videos.

Moreover, I was curious to learn how to make something educational interesting for the YouTube audience, so that they want to consume the videos as much as any other entertaining (cat) video on the platform.

Henry shares his conceptual work on each Minutephysics video, for instance techniques and how many hours of work go into each 1-min-video from the storyboard over filming until the editing process.

Last but not least, we also talk technical equipment, software and budget to start filming videos on a more professional level. Taking Henry’s answers, I can tell you that it’s more about the skills than having a big budget to spend.

I highly recommend this interview to everybody who is in video production him- or herself, for education or not, and wants to get some insights and easy to replicate hands-on advice from a YouTube pro.


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EDUKWEST #84 with Henry Reich of Minute Physics

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