EDUKWEST #78 with Ryan Meinzer of PlaySay

Ryan Meinzer PlaySay

I would like to start off the new week at EDUKWEST by sharing my talk with Ryan Meinzer, the founder of PlaySay with you.

As some of you might know already or even watched live like myself, PlaySay launched their product at TechCrunch Disrupt mid September.

Already before, in February 2011, the company raised some substantial funding of $1.3 million. What PlaySay have come up with is an application for Facebook which enables learners to learn a language based on pictures their friends post on the platform.

Now, if the learners want to comment or form a sentence in the target language, the team have developed a mechanism to deconstruct and reconstructed the original comment on the individual picture and thus help the learner identify key elements of a sentence but also go in more sophisticated tasks and translating different tenses for instance.

The app is currently available in an English – Spanish version only, but I’m certain as soon as the team will have figured out what the customers exactly want, there are more languages to be released soon.

So far, I have only heard or read pretty clear opinions about the product, meaning people either really like it or don’t understand it at all which is a point we also address in the interview.

I have been thinking about that a bit myself and came up with the theory that learning products are sometimes (not to say often) harder to pitch to a more general tech audience. It seems to me that education technology is a micro-cosmos for the good as well as for the bad, and that things follow different rules than in general tech startups, but this is something that belongs over to the Kirsten Winkler blog.

For now, I leave you with the PlaySay interview and would be happy to hear your opinion about it.


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EDUKWEST #78 with Ryan Meinzer of PlaySay

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