EDUKWEST #77 with Matt Munson of Acceptly

Matt Munson Acceptly

A few weeks in the new school year or term I wanted to start portraying some services around the college admission process as this shows to be a new trend on the Internet.

So far, I have seen everything from getting a private coach who helps you through the process, over apps to the startup I want to cover today.

Acceptly aims to help you into the college of your dreams. As Matt Munson, CEO at acceptly, explains to me, it is a free web app that leverages facebook.

It actually embraces and integrates another trend I’m currently seeing in the learning space which is to break a complicated process into smaller steps that are more easily achievable. Users also get challenges and tasks assigned individually and depending what will be the required next steps.

At first,  the system naturally has to learn about the candidate himself or herself to see at what point in the college application process they are. You can start using acceptly as early as two years prior to actually entering college, or as Matt puts it the earlier the better.

The content provided by acceptly is either generated by their team of educational experts but also comes from trustworthy external services.

According to Matt the feedback from both the students and the parents has been fairly positive so far.

The service went live only about a week ago, so as always I feel privileged to have had the opportunity and cover the startup so early on, and to everybody interested I can only say sign-up and try acceptly out!


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