EDUKWEST #76 with Kris Chinosorn & Vince Leung of MentorMob

Kris Chinosorn Vince Leung MentorMob

For this new episode of EDUKWEST I had the pleasure to interview Kris Chinosorn and Vince Leung the two Co-founders of MentorMob.

MentorMob is a learning startup based out of Chicago that helps you to organize the content one needs to learn in order to become an expert better. The service is currently still in beta but has already been nominated as one of Chicago’s most innovative startups and made into the top 75. If you want to get a hands-on impression of how the MentorMob playlists work, the sign-up is completely free.

For EDUKWEST we concentrated on the idea and theory behind MentorMob.

When looking for something on the Internet today or even with the intention to gain knowledge and learn something, the experience can be pretty overwhelming as there is so much content out there, one has to sort the better from the not so good content and curate.

Side note: If you want to read more about my thought on the potential of curation, I wrote about this topic in a recent guest post for ESL Library, did a KWestions with William Mougayar of semantic news generator platform Eqentia and I also posted a related article on Disrupt Education.

MentorMob allows experts to create playlists where they can break down a longer and often complicated process of learning something into small and digestible steps. The content can contain articles or videos and can also be embedded on different websites via a nice and customizable widget.

MentorMob are dedicated to make education freely available worldwide through their platform financed over advertising on the site. Platform solutions for corporate will be available as a white label offers in the future.

MentorMob started off as a bootstrapped company but are now going through the process of funding.

Personal note: love the logo and color scheme (totally random)!


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EDUKWEST #76 with Kris Chinosorn & Vince Leung of MentorMob

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