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EDUKWEST #75 with Tim Brady of imagine K12

Tim Brady imagine K12

The EDUKWEST interview series has made it to 75 episodes!

It had all started as a partly selfish endeavour as I had the chance to talk and foremost learn from a group pf great entrepreneurs and inspiring people in the field of education, and I’m sure that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet and exchange with a good number of them without EDUKWEST. However, due to your responses, the comments I get either privately or on the blog, I believe that EDUKWEST has allowed many more people this get an overview what education and learning 2.0 are and what they might evolve into.

Talking about new ideas and the evolution of the education system, change is inconceivable without the work and programs of the incubators and accelerators dedicated to the field of education.

Therefore, I sat down (virtually) with Tim Brady, founding partner of imagine K12 for this special episode. imagine K12 is one of the very few incubators dedicated to education, more precisely to the K-12 space, and they graduated their first class of 10 startups this summer. On a side-note, I’ll invite the participants of this first program for individual interviews starting tomorrow.

Tim was Yahoo’s employee number 3 after the two founders Jerry Jang and David Filo and has worked at the company for over eight years in several positions, the last as Chief Product Officer. Prior to imagine K12 Tim was CEO at Questbridge, a startup that helps bright low-income students to gain admissions and financial aid for college.

All three founders have also a technical background, so it is not surprising that at imagine K12 they put engineering talent in the focus of the program. Moreover, he explains on how the selection process is actually happening and how the make their decision who to invite for a class. I think, this part brings a lot of valuable information for those amongst you who want to apply for an incubator or who have done already and made their first experiences. As I’m frequently asked which programs I would recommend and could make introductions to, this was definitely a point I wanted to cover in the interview.

The second big string of this talk is how a person with a background and successful career in the tech and Internet space but without a classic educational background see education (I see some parallels here). I believe, this is of great value to the whole industry as we need fresh ideas of highly trained people who might bring new and valuable opinions and perspectives to the table.


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EDUKWEST #75 with Tim Brady of imagine K12

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