EDUKWEST #69 with Michael Koetting of Hoot.Me

After covering in a first article about two weeks ago, I invited founder and CEO Michael Koetting for an EDUKWEST interview to talk about his startup in more detail.

In our interview Michael goes a bit more in detail about how the app actually works within Facebook from the technology side, and how students are able to find the help they need at that moment. I think, it it interesting and somewhat logic that you first get suggestions from people working on the same problem within your class or study-group, then your entire high-school or college, then district and so on – you get the picture of the circles becoming larger and larger.

Although is mostly marketed as getting help when stuck with a Math problem, he clears my question whether it is used for questions in other subjects as well – you can get help with almost anything from Calculus to Shakespeare.

Finally, if you’re an educator you’ll be happy to hear that the start-up have thought of you and allow you to use privately with your class or a group of students you have complete control over how to put it together, and then have private exchange with them. I know, there are solutions to do that within LMS and I’m sure that most every school uses one of the solutions out there on the market. But don’t forget that using allows you to meet and work with your students where they spent lots of time already, and this is Facebook with 90% of students having an account with the social network.


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1. EDUKWEST #69 with Michael Koetting of Hoot.Me     



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