EDUKWEST #68 with Travis Biziorek of Kibin

This week on EDUKWEST another member of the 500 Startups family. I spoke with Travis Biziorek, co-founder and CEO of Kibin.

Kibin is a platform where anyone can upload a text document and get it edited within 24h guaranteed by the community. A new user starts with 25 credits in his account and according to Travis this is enough to get feedback and suggestions on approximately two documents without doing anything. The principle however is that you also help others with their texts, and earn credits for it. These credits can then be used when you need the community’s input on something you wrote.

You can, of course, use a shortcut and pay $ 0.01 per word for the correction of a document which is a hugely competitive price compared with what a normal editor takes. Kibin is still pretty young, so the average document uploaded is mostly around common topics and not yet highly elaborate but this is going to change with growing popularity I’m sure, and also more people using the paid offer.

Kibin is growing rapidly, not least to some pretty nice media coverage which is also a plus when being part of 500 Startups. But the concept definitely has some nice market volume as the editing industry has been one of the longest resistant to disruption.

With Kibin attracting an increasing number of more experienced and (semi)professional people I can see them spread beyond education of course and in other languages, too.


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1. EDUKWEST #68 with Travis Biziorek of Kibin     

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