EDUKWEST #67 with Corey Thompson of Naiku

Just before my holidays in Istanbul I had the pleasure of talking with Corey Thompson, co-founder and CEO of Naiku which translates to “teacher” in Indonesian.

Naiku empowers teachers to asses each individual student’s progress and thus teach their class more effectively by providing them with innovative technology and assessment tools.

The students also get more engaged in the actual learning process as they are able to rate their own answers given in a test by level of confidence, whether they knew the answer or simply guessed it.
Naiku wants to bring innovation to educational assessment and implement technology and mobile solutions in a meaningful, so that everyone involved will benefit from higher achievement which will eventually lead to a transformation in our traditional education system.

At the beginning, Corey and I talk about their initial motivation of founding Naiku and how new assessment can lead to transformation in the education system but the second part of the interview is hands-on and Corey demos what Naiku is able to do and how it works from both the teacher and student side.

I believe this to be a very relevant topic for anyone working in or with public education and I hope that Naiku’s success will be part of a bigger disruption going on this part of the educational system.
You can of course go beyond EDUKWEST and explore Naiku on their website or even sign up to test it.


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1. EDUKWEST #67 with Corey Thompson of Naiku     

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Naiku on Twitter: @NaikuInc
Corey Thompson Twitter: @coreythompson
Corey Thompson LinkedIn: Corey Thompson

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