EDUKWEST #66 with San Kim of ShowMe

I first heard about the ShowMe app for iPad a couple of weeks ago and as coincidentally I had also just bought my iPad 2 around that time, it was the perfect match to get in touch with the team.

ShowMe, as founder and CEO San Kim puts it in our EDUKWEST, is based on the principle that anyone is a teacher and therefore can join the ShowMe community to learn or teach anything.

The team have been working on the system for the last two years and currently see a pretty nice adoption within the K12 community. But as I said, ShowMe is an open system and anyone with an iPad is welcome to use it and teach what he is an expert in or learn what is available on the portal already.

I think, it is pretty obvious that some of the big potential of the app for the consumers lies in the community aspect, so the team are definitely going to grow that aspect. For the teacher side, I can imagine more useful features to be added in the future, educators will eventually also accept paying for. Giving an example for such a feature for myself, I would find an automatic YouTube integration valuable.

The app itself is pretty self explanatory, you have a blank canvas to start with, a few colors to choose from, an eraser and a record button – and off you go! I’d recommend to buy a stylus for iPad though.

Due to that simplicity and the similarity of some of the features, the comparison with Khan Academy suggests itself.
I have big hopes for ShowMe and see some nice potential in multiplying the Salman Khan effect this way.

You can download ShowMe in the App Store for free, and below you’ll find one of the German lesson I created on ShowMe to show you an example of what’s possible.

[iframe src=”″ width=”580″ height=”500″]

Do you think you can do it better? Then challenge me by creating your own lesson, and as always, I’m particularly interested in your feedback on both the interview and the product!


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1. EDUKWEST #66 with San Kim of ShowMe     

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