EDUKWEST #65 with Gautam Rao of Castle Rock Research Corporation

For this EDUKWEST I sat down, virtually at least, with Gautam Rao the President and CEO of Canadian based Castle Rock Research Corporation to talk about their latest product for the iPad called Motuto.

At the beginning of our interview Gautam gives us the bigger vision on the company’s “solaro” project and what he wants to change in education. I feel, that you’ll get a good idea of where Motuto fits in and has its place and I will certainly catch up with Gautam in the coming weeks to learn more about solaro.

Motuto itself is an application for the iPhone and iPad which allows students to connect instantly to a live tutor when they are stuck with their Math or Science homework.

The tutors communicate with their students via text chat, students can use the iPad camera to take a picture of their particular problem directly from the book or working sheet and upload it to the app. The tutors are trained professionals in India and their aim is to guide the students towards the solution without simply giving it to them, so there is a really decent educational philosophy and methodolgy standing behind the product. Of course, both teacher and student can make use of the whiteboard to draw on it.

Tuition is currently available for grades 7 to 12 at the very affordable price of $4.99 for 20 min and the team believes that the average Math homework problem should be solved within this time. If the problem is more complex, each extra 20 min cost only $1.99. The app itself can be downloaded for free in the iTunes App Store.

What I like is the smart way of making use of the iPad and its different features like the camera to take snapshots. And as students learn more and more with asynchronous sources but not every problem might get solved by watching a video or doing an online exercise on their own, Motuto is sort of a guarantee that students have access to a teacher when they are in need of one.


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1. EDUKWEST #65 with Gautam Rao of Castle Rock Research Corporation     

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  • Listened to this while driving from Chicago to Cincinnati.  Thanks Kirsten for another great interview, and I love your vision and determination, Gautam.    Cheers, b