EDUKWEST #62 with Rafael Corrales of LearnBoost

This new episode of EDUKWEST will once again be very interesting for the part of my audience who are actively teaching and thus have to manage students and classes and who feel that they might want to share some of the information with the parents, too.

LearnBoost allows you to do just all of the above and is still distinct from its well established competitors! I had the pleasure of interviewing their founder and CEO Rafael Corrales on how came up with the initial idea and how he and his team have shaped it until it became what we see today: a nicely made gradebook with pretty design, easy to create & mangage lesson plans, functions to share student progress with the parents and the possibility to integrate with Google Apps.

LearnBoost is currently free to use and I hope you’ll get a good idea of LearnBoost’s capabilities watching our EDUKWEST but essentially you have nothing to lose, so I’d say anyone interested should definitely go and open an account!

The LearnBoost website is very informative and provides you with some great video tutorials as well as a regularly updated blog. However, if you happen to be in Philadelphia or have the possibility to attend ISTE 2011 LearnBoost will organize a big party around the event (June 26-29). I’d say that’s an ideal occasion to meet and get in touch with the team and to learn more about this nice solution for K-12 teaching & learning and to ask them all your remaining questions. For tickets to the party you can either contact me or LearnBoost directly!


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1. EDUKWEST #62 with Rafael Corrales of LearnBoost     

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LearnBoost on Twitter: @LearnBoost
Rafael Corrales on LinkedIn: Rafael Corrales

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