EDUKWEST #59 with Jesse Maddox of TripLingo

I’m particularly happy to share the newest EDUKWEST with you all today as it covers a new new trend that is manifesting itself in online education. What we got out as one of the important results of that recent busuu study is the motivation why people want to invest time and effort in learning a language and that is for travel.

TripLingo is one of the first startups of this new wave of language learning and traveling. TripLingo is based of the initial idea of founder and CEO Jesse Maddox back in the days he was traveling and working in Asia and was then shaped at Startup Weekend Atlanta where he also found his team.

Not surprisingly the team at TripLingo decided to launch with a mobile application which makes absolute sense as an app might still be helpful when you’re in the real situation of being in a shop or restaurant and need to ask a question about an item or food. Of course, a desktop solution offered another perspective on aspects of learning and has its qualities to it, so I suppose we can expect that in a later step.

For the most TripLingo concentrate on mobile and you’ll learn from my talk with Jesse that they pay careful attention to the particularities of each country which means if you’re a Spanish learner for instance the app doesn’t only come in one version for Spain and one for Latin America but they even split the Latin world and come out with different apps. Price point for each is between $4.99 and $9.99 each.

In the product demo you’ll learn that TripLingo provide four different versions of each sentence raging from formal over informal to even slang.

The interesting part where I see a lot of potential actually is that TripLingo educate their customers about cultural aspects in the country they will be visiting or they are traveling already.

I think this is very powerful as people all around the world are getting more and more sensitive about the culture of their travel destination and they feel the need that they want at least to some point be prepared and have a sense before they step out of the plane.


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1. EDUKWEST #59 with Jesse Maddox of TripLingo     

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