EDUKWEST #58 with Armin Hopp of digital publishing

As you know EDUKWEST is all about putting start-ups in the online education space in the spotlight and following them on their way to (hopefully) great success. I however sometimes mix it with a, at least to my mind, interesting established education company and so I was pleased to speak with Armin Hopp, co-founder of digital publishing.

I’m sure you’ve heard my saying once or twice that reforms don’t necessarily have to break with all that had been achieved before but that you can also modernize and innovate within the system.

Being an online education company dp has more than a decade of company history to look back at. For me and for those of you who remember or even lived the dotcom crash the first part of the interview will be interesting when Armin explains who they survived that collapse. I think it might be best described by a very German approach to do business and I mean that in its best sense: dp have always put focus on engineering and building products the market wanted and they only invested when they had the money to do so. You may call it a bit conservative but to my mind there is quite a bit to that strategy but undoubtedly I’m German, too so maybe that’s why.

We then take a look at some of the products dp serves its clients with and we split it into the two distinct markets B2B and also B2C, so that you get a good impression on how dp position themselves with their different customer groups and what products fit the different market segments.

In this middle section there should actually be quite a bit of interesting information for some start-ups on how to build your business and to have the opinion of an experienced and successful entrepreneur in education.

As EDUKWEST and myself stand for education 2.0 and thus innovation in education as well as interesting new approaches and the use of technology and social media I ask Armin a few questions on how he sees this becoming more and more relevant for his own company. dp have start gravitating more towards online teaching over the last two years and it is very likely that we’ll see the launch of their first social components enhancing the learning experience further and to add even more value still in 2011.


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1. EDUKWEST #58 with Armin Hopp of digital publishing     

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