EDUKWEST #57 with Nathan Parcells of InternMatch

With MindSnacks and YongoPal I had already portrayed two interesting education start-ups being part of Dave McClure’s 500Startups family. As the guys do good networking with each other, I heard about another promising company and was happy when Nathan Parcells, co founder and CMO of InternMatch agreed to do an EDUKWEST.

As you might imagine from the company’s name, InterMatch’s core business is to allow college students who look for an intern job or paid internship to find their best match.

Having started locally in the Seattle area and then spread over the West Coast of the United States, InternMatch have now turned into biggest search site for internships on the Internet.

I like their approach of going into verticals and for instance finding a great intern job in a non profit.

InternMatch have also started different partner programmes, so they make it possible for talented engineers from Spain to come to Silicon Valley.

Navigating the site is very easy and intentional. You basically just decide on which site you are, if you look for an internship or as an employer if you offer one. Otherwise, you just have to choose your desired field and a location and that more or less it.

I also believe their guides to either find a great intern job or on the employer side how to post a really good listing are actually very helpful as it allows both the applicants and the employers to find the best place depending on their talents or to find the best person for a position.

At the end of this EDUKWEST I was a little surprised myself that nobody had created such a service before as the need from both sides is clearly there and easy to understand but in the end, the best ideas are always the ones that look simple.


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1. EDUKWEST #57 with Nathan Parcells of InternMatch     

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