EDUKWEST #56 with Shiv Rajendran of Languagelab

When Languagelab broke the news on their $1 million funding it was not only great news for the team and more importantly the business idea and I’m very happy for them but besides I was also very interesting in hearing how that took part.

Well, what easier could you do but simply ask and Shiv, the Director of Operations at Languaglab was so kind and shares some of his experiences and insights with us in this EDUKWEST.

At the beginning of our interview we talk a bit the way they had to take and the time it took Shiv to raise the round compared to what we see is happening currently in the US.

In the next part we talk about the areas the money will be invested in, specifically in team and also new products for English City as Shiv explains. He goes on talking about interesting new markets and customer groups such as more frequent requests from the corporate world and gives some examples why this is actually interesting for businesses and what LanguageLab are developing to serve those clients best.

I can only recommend to watch the interview if you are or at least think of raising money in Europe and particularly in the UK and are also interested about ESL teaching and learning concepts that take place in a virtual environment.


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1. EDUKWEST #56 with Shiv Rajendran of Languagelab     

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