EDUKWEST #55 with Roland Siebelink of Topicmarks

For EDUKWEST episode 55 I planned to do once again a visionary interview with a company I think has the potential to have a significant impact on how we will all consume information in a new future.

I’m delighted that Roland Siebelink, founder and CEO of Topicmarks agreed to talk about the company that has caused some excitement in the tech scene.

What Topicmarks essentially does is to produce an electronic summary of documents within minutes and to extract their essential points. As a reader you get a quite precise idea of the text without reading everything yourself.

As Roland explains during our talk, Topicmarks is the result of more than two years of research and language analysis putting the identified patterns and results together in one smart algorithm which also learns about its users. For example, the more one uses Topicmarks the more the algorithm learns about their preferences and what they read of course.

Although currently still in beta the results are smart. I tested it with my own article on the Knowledge Graph for 5th Conference and was very satisfied with the result. I let it summarize another blog post, here the result was not as precise. We can see that the algorithm deals differently with different types of text and that some are apparently easier to analyze than others, a statement Roland confirms during EDUKWEST.

I find it amazing however how smart Topicmarks is already and I’m sure the more often I use the the better the results will get.

All in all I believe Topicmarks could be a significant game changer in how we read texts. When I remember my time as a student, I had to work through tons of books and to have something that helps me safe about one third of my time reading a text would have been a dream.

I invite everyone to try Topicmarks out and see how powerful it actually is. You currently have to upload the documents still on your own but the team is working on a more seamless experience.
As I have recently read so many articles about the curation of content, I think Topicmarks has the potential to become a tool we will use as a natural part of our work day.


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