EDUKWEST 101 Matthew Burr Nomadic Learning

EDUKWEST #101 with Matthew Burr of Nomadic Learning

EDUKWEST 101 Matthew Burr Nomadic LearningJust before the summer break I had the chance for a great conversation with Matthew Burr, co-founder and CEO of Nomadic Learning.

Nomadic describes itself as Next Generation Learning for Next Generation Leaders and they’re focused on the corporate learning space and help organizations connect, engage and prepare leaders for a rapidly changing world.

Nomadic is not the first startup the team has founded, Matthew successfully sold his former education startup in China.

Therefore, there are lots of takeaways, lessons and things to consider for all up and coming startup founders in edtech in this interview. Most notably, we focus on mobile and social learning and how to deliver content that’s engaging for next generation leaders.

“In some ways collecting the data is the easy part. It’s kind of making sense of the data and making it be valuable that’s the trickier design question.”

“Whatever content you are delivering it has to match up with the experience they are having in their consumer life.”

I also ask Matt for his opinion about the importance of design in learning products as it’s fairly obvious that it has played an important role in developing the product.

“If you remove that piece of education which is “I am your teacher, I am assigning this, you must do this” and it doesn’t matter if you like what it looks like. It doesn’t matter, you are going to do it anyway because I told you to.

We have tried to remove that element and sort of throw ourselves out at the mercy of our learners and users. And that means that we at least have to try to keep up with the rest of the world.”

Having successfully raised money for his companies, Matthew also provides some advice on what to pay attention to when founding a startup in the education space.

If you enjoyed the interview, please take a minute and thank Matt on Twitter for his insights. Also, I need your feedback to improve our offering. Do you like the new EDUKWEST format and what I can do better?

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