edugogo Episode #4 with Jason Brein of Excelegrade


Excelegrade is a project Nikea Davis, Lauren Miller and Jason Brein who I interviewed for this episode of edugogo. The team wants to provide teachers and principals with a tool that tracks student performance on a question by question basis. Excelegrade also compares the overall performance of the class or school with others in the US, enabling teachers and principals to check where their school stands in the national ranking.

Excelegrade enables teachers create tests in under two minutes. This way they can immediately verify if students understood the topic at that very moment.

The software is cloud based and device agnostic which means it works on iOS devices, Android, and any modern browser. Besides that Excelegrade also supports classic print out tests. This is crucial for schools that take part in the BYOD movement and also helps to bridge the digital divide in classrooms where some students might not have access to technology like smart phones, tablets or laptops.

Excelegrade also features a pre-populated database of common core aligned test questions which teachers can use to create their tests. This is a great help in the transition period to the national common core standard teachers are facing from this school year on.

The software is already working and being tested by teachers. You can watch a product demo here. For more information, visit excelegrade.com and fill out the survey to get access to a free trial of Excelegrade. And of course check out the Indiegogo campaign where you can get heavily discounted subscriptions for individual teachers up to entire grades.

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