edugogo Episode #1 with Shachar Tal of sCoolWork


In this first episode of edugogo I sat down and talked to Shachar Tal, one of the project leaders of sCoolWork.

sCoolWork is a web application that streamlines the process of essay writing for students. From the initial formatting to finding resources on the Internet, grammar, spell and plagiarism check – everything is included in one application that can be accessed via any modern web browser.

An early version of sCoolWork is already open to the public in beta. Everyone who would like to give sCoolWork a spin before supporting the project with some money can sign up for free at

During our interview, which you can watch below, Shachar and I also talked about the potential issues with teachers, of course. The feedback the team received was very positive as teachers understood very quickly that the product is not about short cutting the process or even cheating. What sCoolWork does is to streamline the process of writing an essay by supporting the student with the tools he needs to work more efficiently.

The sCoolWork team also has a social mission. For each paid account they will give away one account (possibly more) for free to schools and students in developing countries. Shachar and the team want to give more people access to the English language as they think this is a crucial skill in the globalized world.

sCoolWork is trying to raise $20.000 by Monday, September 3rd. If you want to support sCoolWork and get a membership at a reduced price or even a lifetime membership, visit

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  • John Howard

    One of the best ideas I’ve heard in a long time