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EDBRIEF: Education Entrepreneurs merges with 4.0 Schools

Education Entrepreneurs, the non-profit that was part of UP Global and ran Startup Weekend EDU, merges with New Orleans-based edtech incubator 4.0 Schools.

The merger is a result of the acquisition of UP Global by TechStars in June. While TechStars follows a for-profit model, UP Global and Education Entrepreneurs operated as non-profits. Under the new ownership grants by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation could no longer be operated.

Under the merger, 4.0 Schools will operate and grow the Startup Weekend EDU events in the United States while the Techstars Community Programs team will continue to service Startup Weekend Education events taking place outside of the U.S.

Education Entrepreneurs program manager John Baldo joins the 4.0 Schools team full-time while Mandela Schumacher-Hodge is stepping down from her role as Director.

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