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EdTech Startup News: TTS, Experfy, Lingua.ly, Mathspace and Timbuktu Labs

Here is our new weekly rundown of EdTech Startup News beyond funding, IPOs or mergers and acquisitions.

This week we cover Technology Transfer Services, a company that aims to use VR goggles in HR training, Experfy which wants to build a “McKinsey in the cloud”, Lingua.ly that wants to turn the Internet into a language learning textbooks and two partnerships: Mathspace with Pearson and Timbuktu Labs with De Agostini Libri .

Technology Transfer Services

Technology Transfer ServicesThe future of HR training lies in virtual reality goggles, at least that’s what Technology Transfer Services (TTS) is predicting. Though not really a startup anymore, TTS was founded in 1994, the company works to stay on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to offering training solutions for the distributed and remote workforce.

We covered training in virtual worlds here on EDUKWEST quite a bit through our interviews with the folks at UK-based Languagelab.com (now Immerse Learning) and though this is still a very specialized vertical the recent acquisition of Oculus Rift by Facebook might accelerate the adoption of VR by the mainstream.

TTS is currently experimenting with the device, merging it with its simulations of risky workplace situations.

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ExperfyAbout one week ago we covered the $4 million Series A of HourlyNerd, an online marketplace that connects MBA students and alumni with businesses for short term consulting projects.

Experfy is in the same vertical, offering a talent marketplace for data or “a McKinsey in the cloud”. The startup is founded by Sarabjot Kaur, a digital media entrepreneur and Harpreet Singh, former technology director at Citigroup. According to TechCrunch, each applicant is hand selected and screened before she can offer her services on the marketplace, adding a layer of quality that does not exist on freelance marketplaces like oDesk etc.

Update via Google+: Experfy is not in the same vertical as Hourly Nerd, which is a marketplace for MBAs doing business consulting for small- to mid-size business.  Experfy, on the other hand, is focused on data, analytics and business intelligence projects for Fortune 500s.

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Lingua.lyLingua.ly aims to turn the entire Internet into a language learning tool by adding an interactive layer to it. The startup first offered a Chrome extension which enables language learners to safe vocabulary from websites and turn them into flashcards.

Lingua.ly now launched its first mobile application for Android. The app connects to the saved vocabulary and flashcards, adding more options to cram on the go. The app can also select articles from the web according to the current level of the learner, something we already know from startups like Voxy.

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Timbuktu Labs

Timbuktu LabsTimbuktu Labs which is currently part of Zynga.org’s and NewSchool Venture Fund’s co.lab accelerator program announced a partnership with Italian publishing house De Agostini Libri.

Timbuktu and De Agostini will work together on ebooks, interactive reading apps and printed books for children between six and nine years of age.

“Our goal is to innovate by proposing new reading experiences, starting with ‘paper and digital’ storytelling, to involve children in a wider and more captivating narrative.” states Gian Luca Pulvirenti, CEO of De Agostini Libri in the press release.

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MathspaceLast but certainly not least news from the other side of the world. Australian startup Mathspace announced on Friday that it has signed a distribution agreement with Pearson.

Officially launched in 2012 Mathspace offers secondary students and their teachers a platform for adaptive and personalized math learning. Mathspace will be offered as a supplement to Pearson’s own secondary mathematics solutions in Australia and New Zealand via subscription. Aligned with the Australian curriculum, subscribers will have access to thousands of exercises on the Mathspace platform.

As early as 2010 our editors got interested in personalized math solutions and felt the vertical would become big. We covered the space through interviews and articles about math startups like tenmarks which got acquired by Amazon in September 2013.

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