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EdTech Startup News: busuu, Scoop.it and FarFaria

Here is our new weekly rundown of EdTech Startup News beyond funding, IPOs or mergers and acquisitions.

This week we cover busuu’s distribution partnership with Pearson English, Scoop.it’s new knowledge management product for companies and FarFaria, a new Android app.


busuu Pearson English gSETbusuu is the official launch partner of Pearson English’s new online test gSET (Global Scale of English Test). The distribution partnership which was announced last week will grant busuu a four month exclusivity period after which Pearson English may, and probably will, offer their new self-testing product to other providers.

gSET will be free for paying busuu members, free members will have to pay the regular fee. Pearson English claims that the new gSET is

“a truly global numeric standard for the measurement of English language proficiency, much more granular and detailed than anything else currently available in the market.“

The partnership with busuu is not the first one for Pearson in the language learning community space. Five years ago Pearson and Livemocha announced a partnership to work on conversational English courses for the language community.

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busuu.com | Twitter | Facebook | CrunchBase | AngelList


Scoop.it Knowledge ManagementScoop.it, a curation tool that is very popular among teachers, officially launched a new business oriented product called Scoop.it Knowledge Management.

As the name suggests, the new tool can be used by companies as an internal education and knowledge management platform aside from the consumer facing aspect of a social media curation platform.

The product can be white-labeled and integrated within popular content management systems like WordPress, Drupal or Yammer.

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knowledge-management.scoop.it | Twitter | CrunchBase


FarFariaFarFaria, a startup that offers a digital subscription service to children’s books, launched its Android app with over 700 titles in the Google Play Store. The subscription costs $3.99 but parents can also test the app for free, getting access to one book per day.

FarFaria raised a $3.25 million Series A in February and had first launched its product for the iPad. According to TechCrunch, FarFaria has seen over 12 million books read, and is now on track for over 1 million books read per month with kids using the app to read over 10 books per week, which is higher than US averages.

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