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EdTech Startup List: Germany

Though one of the most important and prolific countries in the EU, often little is known of the German online education market outside of the country itself.

Some general numbers on education in Germany: this year about 8,4 million students are in the general education system, and 2,7 million students are in higher education.

According to the Statistische Bundesamt, German education institutions, companies and private households spent €247,4 billion on education1 in 2012.

About 15 % of students take private lessons of some form after school resulting in a €1,5 billion yearly market as German parents are willing to pay a significant amount of money for their children’s education.

However, parents are also wary about the increasing importance of technology in their children’s lives. Both a large number of parents and teachers agree that preschool not the right age for children to learn with technology. This includes computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Generally speaking, the share of digital media as well as digital learning solutions increases with age. For example, 70% of children under the age of five don’t have access to digital media, but a staggering 82% of children over eight years of age are regular internet users.


The 86 German edtech startups on this list have raised around €127 million in the past 10 years, with ResearchGate (€30m), Bettermarks (€29m), babbel (€28m) and Studitemps (€15m) leading the list.

EdTech Hubs

42 of the 86 German edtech startups on this list are headquartered in Berlin. Munich comes in second with 8, followed by Cologne with 5, and Hamburg with 3.


The most popular verticals for edtech in Germany are Higher Education followed by K-12, Language Learning and Lifelong Learning.

  • Higher Education: 25
  • K-12: 24
  • Language Learning: 12
  • Lifelong Learning: 8

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