SkillAcademy EdTech Pitch Battle Finalist


SkillAcademy EdTech Pitch Battle Finalist | @skillacademy


Bassem Fayek SkillAcademySkillAcademy is an online learning management system for corporates, NGOs, and other organizations helping them develop their people and community using existing MOOCs. Organizations plug-n-play a university-size e-learning platform with 10,000 courses and start to mix-n-match them in “skillcamps,” which are then sent to target trainees based on job role, seniority level, or project type.

Why Kirsten Winkler picked SkillAcademy

Kirsten Winkler EdTech Pitch BattleThe rise of MOOCs, platforms like udemy and others has led to a scattered market with a plethora of choice. Learners are often overwhelmed with choice or simply don’t know about the vast majority of available online courses. Therefore curation platforms like SkillAcademy will play an important role in lifelong learning and training.

What the Judges say

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