Linguistadores EdTech Pitch Battle Finalist


Linguistadores EdTech Pitch Battle Finalist | @linguistadores


Jozef Misik LinguistadoresLinguistadores offers more relevant language learning: real-life content targeted to the users’ interest and proficiency level. Users learn by reading today’s news, watching popular videos and listening to latest songs. Linguistadores’ adaptive, student-centered approach is enabled by computational linguistics technology and can be integrated with any course curriculum.

Why Kirsten Winkler picked Linguistadores

Kirsten Winkler EdTech Pitch BattlePersonalized learning is one of the big topics in education. By adding a learning layer on top of existing content and matching it with learners’ personal interests  Linguistadores provides learners with foreign language articles and exercises on topics they’re already interested in.

What the Judges say

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