Edvisr EdTech Pitch Battle Finalist


Edvisr EdTech Pitch Battle Finalist

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Edvisr is an app that gives students a straight-forward and fun way to search for colleges, document their experience and share it with friends. In essence, it’s the mobile social network for college search.


Jeremy Amos EdvisrJeremy Amos hails from Texas, went to college in Illinois (Wheaton College), and currently resides in Willoughby, OH. He has done everything from teach economics, to run a small mortgage company, to manage a large retail bank in NE Ohio.

Jeremy left banking to pursue his dream of being an entrepreneur – he taught himself design, raised over $400k in seed money, built several products that were all garbage, wasted a lot of his capital on these projects, learned from his mistakes and is still trying to build the best college search product on the market.

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