EdTech Pitch Battle #02 Recap and Results

EdTech Pitch Battle #02 – Recap and Results

EdTech Pitch Battle #02 Recap and Results

Last Thursday EDUKWEST hosted the second EdTech Pitch Battle, an All Hallow’s Eve edition. Five startups pitched their products to a killer panel. Our judges were Frank Catalano, renown edtech blogger and strategist, Jennifer Lee, analyst at Learn Capital, Matthew Greenfield, managing partner at Rethink Education and Matthias Ick, managing director of Macmillan Digital Education which were, again, so kind to support the event.

The participating startups in this edition were

  • 9Slides, a cloud based presentation platform that empowers teachers to easily create online lectures by simply adding video or audio narration alongside your lecture slides.
  • Cleverlize, an online authoring platform that allows you to create individual learning apps for different mobile devices.
  • Edapt, the only alternative to the trade unions solely providing teachers with apolitical and independent legal support in individual employment disputes and allegations.
  • Edvisr, an app that gives students a straight-forward and fun way to search for colleges, document their experience and share it with friends.
  • StudyBoost, a learning management system that allows students and teachers to interact via text and instant messenger.

And the winner is

Like last time the results were pretty close. In the end Cleverlize won by two points, thanks to a better pitch. Below you can see the winner, Dr. Lukas Steinbacher pitching Cleverlize.

Voting Overview

Frank Catalano Jennifer Lee Matthew Greenfield Matthias Ick Total
 9Slides P 2 | I 3 P 1 | I 2 P 2 | I 2 P 1 | I 2 P 06 | I 09
 Cleverlize P 4 | I 4 P 5 | I 3 P 4 | I 4 P 5 | I 5 P 18 | I 16
 Edapt P 5 | I 4 P 4 | I 3 P 5 | I 5 P 2 | I 4 P 16 | I 16
 Edvisr P 2 | I 2 P 3 | I 2 P 3 | I 2 P 3 | I 1 P 11 | I 07
 StudyBoost P 3 | I 1 P 4 | I 3 P 3 | I 3 P 4 | I 3 P 14 | I 10

The Runner Up

The runner up for this edition of the EdTech Pitch Battle was Edapt. Below is the pitch from John Roberts, founder of Edapt.

Audience Choice Award

Last but not least, the Audience Choice Award of the second EdTech Pitch Battle goes to 9Slides. Here is the pitch of Alonso Chehade, marketing manager at 9Slides.

I want to thank our judges very much for donating their time in order to support edtech startups and provide them with their valuable expert feedback.

I want to thank the startups for being well-prepared and delivering professional pitches. We hope you enjoyed the experience and got something out of it.

As always, provide me and the EDUKWEST team with feedback on what went well and what we can do better next time.

Talking of next time, the next EdTech Pitch Battle is going to be streamed live on Thursday, November 28th. If you are the founder of an edtech startup and want to pitch at the event, get in touch through the contact form below.

Important: only startups that are bootstrapped or at most seed funded are eligible to participate.

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Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at KirstenWinkler.com.