EdTech Pitch Battle #01 Winners

EdTech Pitch Battle #01 – Recap and Results

EdTech Pitch Battle #01 Winners

Last Thursday we hosted the first EdTech Pitch Battle, supported by Macmillan Digital Education.

We were able to get great judges and I want to thank Richard Byrne from FreeTech4Teachers.com, Matthew Burr from Nomadic Learning, Frank Bonsal from New Markets Venture Partners and Charles McIntyre from IBIS Capital for participating in our expert panel. Besides asking in-depth questions and judging the five edtech startups, they also gave the founders some great feedback.

The five contestants of the EdTech Pitch Battle were

  • Flooved which saves students money by providing free, interactive and social eTextbooks in Maths and Physics written by some of the worlds best professors.
  • Linguistadores which offers more relevant language learning: real-life content targeted to the users’ interest and proficiency level.
  • SkillAcademy which is an online learning management system for corporates, NGOs, and other organizations helping them develop their people and community using existing MOOCs.
  • TheHubEdu which is a collaborative workspace for instructors and students to organize, share and discuss course resources both within and beyond classroom walls.
  • WikiBrains which is a quickly growing community where students learn faster, smarter, together.

For all those who missed the live stream on Thursday, here is the recording of the entire event.

And the Winner is

In the end TheHubEdu won the first EdTech Pitch Battle by a close vote as you can see in the chart below. Here is the winning pitch by Tiffany Reiss, TheHubEdu’s co-founder and CEO.

Richard Byrne Matthew Burr Frank Bonsal Charles McIntyre Total
 Flooved P 3 | I 4 P 2 | I 3 P 2 | I 2 P 5 | I 1 P 12 | I 11
 Linguistadores P 4 | I 3 P 3 | I 2 P 3 | I 3 P 2 | I 3 P 12 | I 11
 SkillAcademy P 2 | I 2 P 5 | I 4 P 5 | I 4 P 4 | I 5 P 16 | I 15
 TheHubEdu P 5 | I 5 P 4 | I 5 P 4 | I 5 P 3 | I 2 P 16 | I 17
 WikiBrains P 1 | I 1 P 1 | I 1 P 1 | I 1 P 1 | I 4 P 04 | I 07

Audience Choice Award

The vote for the first Audience Choice Award was clearer though. Flooved was able to activate its userbase and collect 239 votes. Here is the pitch by Hamish Brocklebank, co-founder of Flooved.

EdTech Pitch Battle #01 Audience Choice votes The Next Battle

The next EdTech Pitch Battle is going to take place on Thursday, October 31st.

Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at KirstenWinkler.com.